Technology Strategies for
Growth and Efficiency

I work with organisations to exploit digital tools
and deliver market-leading services

About Me

I have worked in growth organisations delivering the technologies that get them to the next level for all of my career. With a background in design and coding and several Board level technology roles in businesses of all sizes, I can help your business take its next steps.

I work with a group of carefully chosen associates to ensure that strategy can be executed in a timely, cost-efficient way. I connect the best and brightest people and technologies with your business to create long-term, successful relationships. Hence the name - Chainmaker Consulting!



With the tide of digital disruption rising each week, organisations have to make tough investment decisions to defend their market share or attack with improved value propositions

When technology solutions are considered, the human aspects of delivering the change and improvement are often forgotten. I believe that how you choose to make and enact those decisions has an enormous impact on the likelihood of success. Let's talk about how your business can give itself the best chance of getting it right first time.

My Services

Let me help you!


It is often difficult for organisations and IT teams to be able to take a view on what is happening in their marketplace with technology. I can help build simple, achievable Digital Strategies based on your existing business plans, or inform your next corporate strategy session with a view on disruptive forces in your industry.


Not only have you got to take a good decision, you need the right people to deliver on those plans. I have a carefully-chosen network of project specialists, infrastructure and development partners that you can engage with confidence


The social side of your business improvement is critical in the 21st century. Talk to me about how you can tell your story with social tools to improve your communications internally and externally.


The pace of change in smart devices, services and exploiting data is now all but impossible for organisations and IT teams to keep up with. I'm working with startups and innovative IT leaders in areas such as IoT, Machine Learning, Cloud technologies and can help you find the right way to ride this wave - before it becomes a risk rather than an opportunity.